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FLASH Fundamentals
Flash Fundamentals is a whole new platform for cooperation between Analysts and Investor Relations-departments.
Current features include the possibility

• For the Investor Relations department to publish all relevant figures from the reports, just as it’s released, right into the Excel-sheets of the Analysts.

• For the Analysts to participate in the formation of a real-time-consensus.

• For the Investor Relations department to follow trends and developments in participating Analysts estimates of the company, in real-time.

• And to give great presentations in real-time targeting different audiences, such as management, external web-sites etc.

Flash Fundamentals Demo-video
The Investor Relations (IR) department and the analysts following the company form an eco-system with some common interests. Flash Financials now launches Flash Fundamentals, a system that can facilitate the cooperation and offer advantages to all parties.
Flash Fundamentals builds on a set of Excel-templates that Analysts and IR-departments can use. The templates are specific to a Company and a reporting period, and come in two versions: one for the IR-department, and one for the analysts following the company.
When the company is publishing the report
  Flash Fundamentals allows the IR-department to publish the actual figures from the report, just as it is being released, directly into the Excel-sheets of the analysts.

The advantage to the IR-department is that they can prepare the publishing in good time, reducing the risk of errors, misunderstandings etc. And all preparations are made strictly local, eliminating the risk of information-leakage etc.
The advantage to the Analysts is that they get the figures immediately, just where they need them: in Excel. No need any more to print out the report and punch the figures! Analysts can prepare their models in good time before, even setting up links to the actual figures.

When the report is released, the figures turn up immediately in their Excel-sheets. If they want to, they can set up links from their models to the Flash Fundamental-sheets, having the report figures immediately update their complete model!

Another advantage is that you immediately get a good overview of how the actual figures relate to your own estimates and to the consensus estimate.
Real-time consensus
  Between the reports, in the normal analysis-phase, analysts have the possibility to participate in the formation of a real-time-consensus.

With a simple click of a button, the analyst can get the current consensus, taking account of the last known estimates from all participating analysts.
It’s easy to see how the own estimates deviate from the consensus-values. And the consensus-values are naturally also fully linkable: if you want to you can have your models to integrate the real-time-consensus, immediately affecting the valuation.  
  The IR-department will always have access to the current consensus, as well as individual estimates from participating analysts.

And they also have the possibility to present the consensus values in a good way to management, use it on the web-site etc.
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