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Flash Financials is soon launching Flash Editor, a complete suite of tools for financial news agencies and other producers of value-added financial content.
  A financial news agency is a very special working environment. Colleagues are expected to react immediately to new potentially market moving information, draw conclusions, and produce output. Traditional,and still important, forms of output are news flashes and relatively short texts, but new forms for distributing value-added financial information are rapidly emerging.

This also creates very special requirements for the tools needed. These include

• Real-time access to a number of important information sources

• A uniformed and ergonomical presentation of the information

• Support from technologies such as text-minimg and artificial intelligence, to extract central information elements, and help in doing a fast assessment of relevance and importance

• Smooth and seamless integration of this information with tools to produce flashes, texts and other value-added content.

• Efficient ways to access reference-data

• Full integration in the workflow

• Full integration with new forms and channels for publishing value-added financial content.

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