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FLASH AlphaStream
In a dynamic and ever increasingly automated trading environment only those who capture and react to market moving data first can stay ahead of the crowd. This need for speed has driven us to build FLASH AlphaStream, an ultrafast algorithmic optimized event driven feed.

Conventionally markets react to events in about 4 seconds, but with FLASH AlphaStream your black box is charged with market moving data in milliseconds, giving you an invaluable window of time to exploit and reap huge benefits.

Flash Alpha Stream obtains data from authentic primary sources and processes it using proprietary text analytics and language processing technologies and information exchange protocols. The relevant market moving events thus extracted are then optimized to feed your algorithmic systems.

FLASH AlphaStream

• Built on sophisticated text analytics and language processing technology


• Extracts only relevant market moving information


• Transforms information into machine readable, easy to implement feed


• Enables your Algo trading systems to react in milliseconds

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